15 November 2009

One of These Things is Not Like The Other

So, you're a world leader meeting the Emporer of Japan.
Do you greet him like Ehud Olmert?

Or do you greet him like the King of Morocco?

Maybe you're the prime minister of Khazakstan . . .

or a dignitary from India . . .

or maybe you're VP Dick Cheney.

Perhaps you're a dignitary from Slovenia . . .

Or maybe South Korea . . .

Or maybe you're Vladimir Putin.

Okay, so maybe you're none of those people. Maybe you're an unqualified nincompoop who can't find his way out of a shoebox. Great job, Barak! By the way, you look like an ass. I can only think that Emporer Akihito is thinking "WTF??!!!"

Congratulations, America. You elected an unqualified boob to the White House.

08 November 2009

That About Sums It Up

How High's Unemployment, Momma?

10.2% and climbing . . . .
How high's unemployment, Papa?
10.2% and climbing . . . .
We're outta money and GM's broke
President Obama is blowin' smoke
Congress is nothin' but a big ole joke
10.2% and rising.

With apologies to Johnny Cash.
h/t and all that . . . .

Put another way . . . . (thanks to Powerline Blog)

I wonder if I can get a bumper sticker of this:

I'm so glad that Hope and Change is working out so well . . . .

01 November 2009

A Memo to the FTC

With everything blowing up around the Workshop, I missed this story.

In short, the FTC wants to regulate bloggers because said bloggers might receive ad money, or product, or who the hell knows what else, and the FTC can't have unregulated bloggers out there mucking up the works.

They seem to have forgotten the First Amendment, of course.

Therefore, as a pubic service, here's my response to the Federal Trade Commission:

Fuck. You.

I can take whatever freebie, money, renumeration, compensation, or gift I want. I don't even have to tell people about it. Because you know what? I can.