28 June 2012

I Will Not Comply

Today the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the hideous law that is Obamacare.  A government bureaucracy that will decrease medical innovation, increase cost, and decrease access to medicine.

Although the details still need to be worked out (surprise, we have to "pass the law to see what's in it"), one of the methods of enforcement will be via the IRS.  Presumably, there will be a little checkbox that says something like "Check here if you have health insurance.  If you do not, follow steps 134a-139f."  So I'll get to have the joy of experiencing what it is like to not fill out my tax form completely.

And now I'm off to send money to the Romney campaign. 

03 June 2012

Rule #4: Take Extreme Care of Whom You Marry

The importance of choosing a spouse cannot be overemphasized.  It is likely the most important decision a man makes.  Marrying the wrong person will fill your life with chaos, pain, and financial drudgery.  Not only can she take your children, but she will likely take a good chunk of your financial world with her as well. Therefore . . . .

Rule #4:  Take extreme care of whom you marry.

This rule encompasses learning about women's psychology.  They are different from men (despite certain groups who claim otherwise).  The world, as I write this, is tilted in favor of women.  The role of father and husband is the butt of jokes on television, and in much of our culture. Even the Church is failing men.

The absolute best advice I've seen on this issue is this:

If she balks, you know what type of woman she is.  

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