31 August 2009

The Political Scale.

I've known about this site for some time. It's a great site. You answer dozens of questions, and it places you on a grid, Communism vs "neo-liberalism" and authoritarian vs fascist.
Note that pretty much all of our political leaders fall in the "authoritarian/neoliberalism" quadrant. Which says a lot about our political leaders. One might also note that there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between our political leaders. I chalk that up to the bias of the codewriters. Of course, there is a world of difference between our current world leaders and people like Hitler and Stalin (as well as such cuddley figures as Robert Mugabe).

Where am I? Well, Milton Friedman is a pretty close neighbor . . . .

On a side note, I would caution against thinking there is a "best quadrant." The quadrant with Ghandi, for instance, would seem popular until you realize that Ghandi thought the Jews should willingly enter the gas chambers the Nazis had prepared for them. Crazy talk about "moral high ground." Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI is pretty close to Mamoud Abbas, but I don't recall the Pope suggesting that suicide bombing is the way to go.

30 August 2009

Science Geek Stuff

That picture is a molecule of pentacene. Full story here.

Ain't science cool?

29 August 2009

Self Hatred

I've been posting elsewhere recently, and I've come to a startling conclusion.

Those on the Left (leftists, socialists, communists, Democrats) hate themselves.

It's very bold to say such a thing, but after watching the way leftists think, it's the only logical conclusion I can make.

Examine what a leftist espouses. Every time, they wish to drag those who achieve down. Higher taxes, universal health care, social security, government programs. The answer, to a leftist, is never something that raises people up.

Why? It is because they are so low in their self esteem, so deep in their unhappiness, that those who are genuinely cheerful cause the leftist pain. A leftist, so convinced of his own inadequacy, cannot fathom that someone else may not share that inadequacy. A leftist, certain he will never amount to anything, is pained by those who do reach the next level of success. And the leftist truly hates those who do not wallow in their own self pity. Only by standing over those unfortunates does a leftist achieve any semblance of moral victory. "At least I care" is their guiding moral beacon. But they never stop to wonder what it is they care about. Their caring is selfish, centered only on their own miserable lives.

Those of us who espouse freedom and liberty know that people can only be free when they are lifted up. Victims cannot be free. The pitiful cannot be free. Those shackled by guilt at their success cannot be free. Man was not meant to wallow in base emotions. We were given the gifts of reason and free will so that we could use our abilities to rise up, to achieve.

It's a strange world when we who achieve are condemned by those still in chains of mediocrity. Even sadder are those unfortunates who poison the minds of those who desire achievement. Because I encourage effort, I have been called unChristian. Because I understand that not everyone will reach the same levels of success, I have been called racist. Because I force people to confront their own shortcomings, I have been called fascist (despite that Fascism is more strongly associated with leftists than libertarians). Because I refuse to let others steal from me, I have been called greedy.

All these insults are reflections of the leftist mind. They hate themselves, and can only project their self-hatred against others. It is the leftists who twist the words of religion to suit their own ends. Leftists are the racists, for they assume skin color is indicative of a lack of skill. Leftists, who want to control the successful, are the fascists. Leftists, who demand that others pay health care, retirement, housing . . . they are the greedy ones. These contradictions result in strong self hate, expressed by the actions the leftist displays.

Watch this when a leftist makes proclamations. You will find the evidence of self-hate. The best you can do is pity those poor unfortunates.

27 August 2009


My total thus far for 2009: 20 miniatures painted. As it is now August, that would mean I've been painting for 8 months. But moving the Workshop took up about 4, so let's call it 4 months of painting. That works out to about one miniature a week.

As for the miniatures I purchased at GenCon . . . at one a week, it'll take me a couple years to finish them. Of course, there's also all the minis from GenCon 08, 07, 06 . . . hell, I still have unpainted figures from when I started painting in 1988.


26 August 2009

25 August 2009

The spin continues . . .

About the fascist health care plan currently proposed by our Glorious Leader and the Democrats.

Yahoo News, in a story highlighting the spin, says "the majority of Americans believe the myths." That would be because the "myths" that logic and common sense tell us are true.

So, what "myths" do Americans believe?

-Health care coverage will be provided for illegal immigrants. Crazy, right? Especially since all those paragraphs about how illegal immigrants won't be covered . . . oh, you mean there isn't language about that? And our government keeps trying to prevent immigration laws from being enforced? 1+1 = 2, kids.

-Wait times will increase for medical care. Crazy, right? I mean, it's not like wait times increased in Canada, the UK, or France . . . oh, wait, they did? But just because it happens in every other country with government controlled health care doesn't mean it will happen here . . . . 2+2 = 4, kids.

-The Federal Government will become involved in making personal health care decisions. Crazy, right? I mean, it's not like our president said "If there's a blue pill and a red pill, and the blue pill is half the price of the red pill and works just as well, why not pay half price for the thing that's going to make you well?" and "you just get into some very difficult moral issues” when considering whether “to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill." And those effectiveness panels that will determine if certain medical procedures will be allowed or not? Those couldn't possibly interfere with personal health care decisions, could they? 4+4 = 8, kids.

-Insurance premiums will increase. Crazy, right? Just because the government will force insurance companies to cover all sorts of things that they may not cover now, and because insurance won't be able to be denied to anyone for preexisting conditions, there's no way our premiums would increase, could they? 8+8 = 16, kids.

Keep it up. They know the plan is flawed, and only through dedicated effort did the people of this country stand up to be bullies in Washington. We kept them from cramming fascist health care down our throats. We can win, and then we can vote these bastards out of office.

h/t to PowerLine

16 August 2009

GenCon - Day 4: It's Over

Whew! That was a fun weekend.

Minus the drunk hilljack who tried to pick a fight with me.

Total budget spent: 89%
The total was modified thanks in part to the items I had in the auction. Who knew that old D&D modules were so collectible?

I am the proud owner of several medieval buildings now. The Miniature Building Authority received a bunch of cash from me in return for several buildings. Time to start wargaming!

Darksword Miniatures continued to put out some great things, and sponsored some speedpainting competions. The miniature for the final round was Cersei, from George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones." Good stuff, even if I didn't win the final round!

I managed to get in a game of Warlord, "Night of the Solstice." Very fun, with 6 players vying to complete their objectives while the townsfolk either cower or drink enough to start fighting back. The highlight was the Reven player. One of his goals was to raid the brothel for breedstock, and in order to capture the women, he had to roll anything other than mediocre. He rolled mediocre every time save one. The women fought back! And hard! I think they managed to kill 2 of this 3 orcs doing the raid. Don't mess with those women.

I also managed to pick up a dioramma - Bridge of Sorrows. This dioramma has been on my list for about 15 years, and finally I saw it and snapped it up. I have been thinking about using the new Pathfinder minis from Reaper to replace the older centaur and wizard. We'll see how that goes.

One more day off. I gotta cut the grass, get some groceries, and take care of errands that have fallen by the wayside during my time at the Convention Center.

Is it too late to start planning for next year?

15 August 2009

GenCon - Day 2

Budget spent today = 34%

13 August 2009

GenCon - Day 1

Some notes from today. Hopefully I'll remember to add details later . . . .

Lots of people, which is good. Seemed to be a good number of people buying stuff, which is good. Swag seems light this year, which is bad. I got to meet a couple new acquaintences, which is good. Fun people, especially since I really want to hang out with mini painters more than gamers sometimes. Paizo's Pathfinder game was a hit; there was a line as soon as people could get there. I'm glad, since I don't particularly want to make most of the game books I own suddenly incompatible with the new edition of D&D. Considering I've subscribed to their Adventure Path, I hope they continue in 3.x for a while. I also managed to chat with some folks at the IU school of infomatics. My only knowledge about informatics was in regards to databases. Turns out there's computer animation/modelling, games, interactivity . . . and I mentioned an idea that could likely be used as part of a master's program. Crap, this could be bad . . . .

Green Ronin's True20 Freeport adventure The Lost Island should be there tomorrow. Dangit, now I have to go back. Picked up the Warrior's Handbook and Buccaneers of Freeport.

Caught up with a couple back-issues of Knights of the Dinner Table.
Gamescience dice. Expensive, but worth it. I hope.
CMON is here, and brought the Avatars of War line. And a bunch of Enigma minis. That's gonna hurt the budget . . . .

Jen Haley's class was pretty good. I took it last year, but the topics change based on who asks questions on what to see. Gotta see about getting a pillow to support my elbows while I paint. Also got a review of a painted mini. Still have to work on bringing up highlights. I apparently forgot to highlight a part of the mini's thing (d'oh!). Need to highlight/shade gold. This probably means I need to set the "completed" mini aside for a couple days and then go back and really finish it. That was mentioned to me once before. But, "skin is good" and "hair is good" is a pretty good compliment.

Ninja Magic minis. Yay for space ships!

Reaper Minis is gonna be producing Pathfinder minis. And I got a sneak peak at the new Valeros. Awesome! Where the old mini (by Croc Games) was flat, the new one captures Paizo's iconic fighter in an action pose. I can't wait to see what they do with the other iconics.

I got to show my wife around the mini paint-and-take area, and talked with Bobby Jackson about the sculpting process. Now Mrs. Workshop is an expert . . . or at least understands where these minis come from. I told her I don't have the hard job, the sculptors do. I just slap some paint on and call it good.

Mmmm . . . fish tacos at Houlihans.

Paizo got some more money: Cheliax handbook and the Ezran mini. Yeah, Reaper will redo it, but I like the current version. I skipped over Merisiel. I like her in artwork, but the mini just doesn't scream "Paint me!"

Note to Out of the Box Games: If you run a game at GenCon, you may want to consider bringing that game so that we can buy it. Gavett's Stock Exchange is a fun, fast game, but I can't buy it from you if you leave all the copies at your warehouse. Which sucks, because I'll probably end up spending the money I would have spent on your game at Reaper or Darksword. Or Wyrd.

The WarStore is here, and has MicroArt resin bases. Pretty cool, and supposedly they'll have some more out tomorrow.

Items crossed off list: Cthulhu stuff. I'll check and see if they have Pulp Cthulhu, but the other books I was considering didn't really make the cut. Hirst Arts molds: Boy, do I want them. But, with life the way it is and will be in the near future, I won't have time to use the molds . . . so I'll have to drop them off the list this year. Kraken Editions didn't have any plinths with them, and I wasn't impressed with those available at Armorcast. Infinity minis, although nice, are too expensive. Maybe if I played more scifi games, but at $11 each (or $20 each for the cool motorcycle soldiers) I can't justify it. Carcassone (by RioGrande Games) may be off the list. I can pick up the game here in Indy for the same price as they're offering it at the convention, so I think I'll be supporting a local store instead of buying it here. They didn't have Medici or Medici vs Strozzi. Privateer Press . . . I don't think you'll be getting much money from me anytime soon. I love the steampunk stuff you've put out, but the new stuff is damned expensive, and I don't play Warmachine. Please put out more RPG stuff. But I know you won't since there' s not a good market for it.

New items: Gotta think about the game "Run Candyman, Run!" Imagine Candyland, only with bazookas . . . . Talisman is a classic, and pretty easy to play . . . . Maybe check out the "scratch and dent" games.

Spent: 16% of my GenCon budget.

12 August 2009

Gen Con - Day 0

I spent a very small amount of time today helping the mini-paint group set up. Plus, I went to pick up a few people who were flying into Indy.

I managed to get my stuff delivered to the auction ( = $30).

Parking = $3.50

If I'm lucky, I'll be able to keep track of my spending here on this blog . . . but don't count on it!

Update: I suck at Texas Hold-Em. Buy-in was in miniatures. I lost 33% of my original stake. Not horrible, but pretty bad. On the plus side, there was talk of the loser being named the Miniature Hobby Event organizer for next year's GenCon, so at least I didn't get that role!

Yes, Yes. A Thousand Times Yes.

That would be John Mackey's plan for health-care reform. Mr. Mackey is the CEO of Whole Foods, and his plan is perfect.

11 August 2009

An Old Joke

I once saw a bumper sticker that said:

Choose two

The current options for government-controlled health care can be summed up in this manner:

Choose two:
__Comprehensive Universal Coverage
__Quality and Choice
__Reduced Cost

Certainly, universal coverage and quality/choice will mean astronomical costs (and we don't have any money).

Quality/Choice and reduced cost means not everyone is covered.

And universal coverage plus reduced cost means we must sacrifice quality and choice (this is the current option proposed by P-BO and the Democrats).

If anyone tells you anything different, they're lying to you.

10 August 2009

Dissent is No Longer Patriotic

First, let's go to the Way-Back Machine. 2003, when Hillary Clinton screeched . . .

Remember that? Not that those on the Right ever called those people unpatriotic. We questioned their judgement, certainly. Still do.

More here . . . .

Bumper stickers . . . .

Editorials, moral declarations, music and video.

But no longer.

Now, we have our president asking for citizens to tattle on one another.
Quote: " If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov."

Dissent must now be crushed, because having the Federal Government control health care is touted as the end-all be-all for our survival as a nation. Never mind that this is the same Federal Government that brought us Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Craptacular Stimulus Bill That We Really Needed But Didn't Actually Do Anything for The Economy.

Those who stand up against our government? Unamerican. Exercise your First Amendment rights? Be booted from the room. Dare stand up to union thugs? Be beaten:

All this just because over half the population has realized that the government option will lead to a single-payer option, which will have no choice but to ration health care. Especially to the older citizens. The new responsibility that our elderly will be burdened with is a duty to die, because otherwise costs will be out of control.

As for the claim that the current plan being offered won't lead to a single-payer plan, their own words can speak volumes:

Dissent. Dissent loudly. Dissent often. And keep dissenting.

04 August 2009

My Letter to the Editor in the Indy Star

Full text:

During the debate about health-care reform, one particularly troubling aspect is never mentioned. Every country that has adopted single-payer systems has had to cut back on services offered. In other words, every country that has government-controlled health care has rationed care.

While some may say that our system now rations care, individuals may pay for any service they wish if their insurance doesn't pay for it. But under a government system, the government may outlaw such private payments. In England, it is illegal to pay for your own health care. Canada had a black-market health-care system for those who could afford it. If Canadians were caught going outside the public system, they could be prosecuted. Patients had to go to the Supreme Court to get the ability to pay for their own care.

The ultimate question for those who support government control our health-care system is this: Why should anyone have to go to get an MRI?

03 August 2009

Do Not Hire Trina Thompson.

Because she has already demonstrated she cannot accept responsibility for her actions.

Suing your school because they didn't get a job for you?

Yeah, you'll have employers lined up for blocks.

Today's college graduates: "Dumber than a bag of hammers."