29 August 2009

Self Hatred

I've been posting elsewhere recently, and I've come to a startling conclusion.

Those on the Left (leftists, socialists, communists, Democrats) hate themselves.

It's very bold to say such a thing, but after watching the way leftists think, it's the only logical conclusion I can make.

Examine what a leftist espouses. Every time, they wish to drag those who achieve down. Higher taxes, universal health care, social security, government programs. The answer, to a leftist, is never something that raises people up.

Why? It is because they are so low in their self esteem, so deep in their unhappiness, that those who are genuinely cheerful cause the leftist pain. A leftist, so convinced of his own inadequacy, cannot fathom that someone else may not share that inadequacy. A leftist, certain he will never amount to anything, is pained by those who do reach the next level of success. And the leftist truly hates those who do not wallow in their own self pity. Only by standing over those unfortunates does a leftist achieve any semblance of moral victory. "At least I care" is their guiding moral beacon. But they never stop to wonder what it is they care about. Their caring is selfish, centered only on their own miserable lives.

Those of us who espouse freedom and liberty know that people can only be free when they are lifted up. Victims cannot be free. The pitiful cannot be free. Those shackled by guilt at their success cannot be free. Man was not meant to wallow in base emotions. We were given the gifts of reason and free will so that we could use our abilities to rise up, to achieve.

It's a strange world when we who achieve are condemned by those still in chains of mediocrity. Even sadder are those unfortunates who poison the minds of those who desire achievement. Because I encourage effort, I have been called unChristian. Because I understand that not everyone will reach the same levels of success, I have been called racist. Because I force people to confront their own shortcomings, I have been called fascist (despite that Fascism is more strongly associated with leftists than libertarians). Because I refuse to let others steal from me, I have been called greedy.

All these insults are reflections of the leftist mind. They hate themselves, and can only project their self-hatred against others. It is the leftists who twist the words of religion to suit their own ends. Leftists are the racists, for they assume skin color is indicative of a lack of skill. Leftists, who want to control the successful, are the fascists. Leftists, who demand that others pay health care, retirement, housing . . . they are the greedy ones. These contradictions result in strong self hate, expressed by the actions the leftist displays.

Watch this when a leftist makes proclamations. You will find the evidence of self-hate. The best you can do is pity those poor unfortunates.


Beavis said...

Oh, Doug. I think P.J. O'Rourke has you covered here... "You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money." -- P.J. O'Rourke
or "When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are the legislators." Personally, I feel this crosses parties but with all these left-wing Republicans and Righ-wing Democrats are there truly parties any more or just a bunch of squabbling children?

Doug said...

I wouldn't disagree.

I haven't found a political party that's worth a damn. Republicans did a very good job of compromising their small government principles over the past 9 years. Democrats . . . yeah. Libertarians are waaaaay too concerned with drug legalization to get their core message across.

Calling them squabbling children is almost an insult to squabbling children.