29 August 2010

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle . . . BOOM!

Russians apparently know how to get s#!& done.

That story is from May of 2010.

Compare that to how an American judge handles the situation.

I'm not a fan of the Russian government, given its corruption, the continued adulation of Communist thugs, and its despicable disregard for the individual (although one might say the same of the US government), but I'll give them credit when it's due.

08 August 2010

Gen Con Recap

Phew . . . for not doing much today, it sure was a long one.

I arrived at the convention center about 12:30 to make one last pass through the dealer's area. Lyn wasn't heading out until 2, so I had some time to kill. More Miniature Building Authority stuff (ruined townhouses!). One last pass through the Reaper booth to pick up a couple paints I decided I couldn't live without.

Special kudos to Jim at Darksword Miniatures. Thanks for the swag. Anytime you need a ride, let me know. If anyone is reading the "Game of Thrones" series by George RR Martin, you should know that Darksword makes a line of miniatures representing the main characters from that series. Fantastic stuff.

Special angst to the asshat at Pagan Publishing who called me a 'cheap bastard' because I didn't buy a book that wasn't marked 50% off. Dude, your sign said "Pagan Publishing titles 50% off! Sunday Special!" That usually means that the titles that you guys publish are 50% off. You didn't have a caveat, so when I saw up Targets of Opportunity I thought it would be worth it, since I already knew I was buying Secrets of Mesoamerica. I like the Delta Green stuff, but for the love of Pete, your sign said what it said. Calling me a cheap bastard meant I didn't buy the Eyes Only book I was thinking about. Fucker.

07 August 2010

Gen Con 2010

Another Gen Con coming to a close. Lots of fun stuff this year, although I didn't buy nearly as much of it. More games.

Plus, I connected with a half-dozen other gamers in the Indy area to feed my gaming addiction. Including one who works at the same company I do.

Sheesh, small world.

The Propaganda of Incompetents

Because Investors Business Daily is just plain good stuff.

Read this. All of it.

p.s. I'm sure Michelle Obama is enjoying her $345,000 vacation to Spain as the remainder of the country struggles with 9.5% unemployment. Sure glad we elected these morons to be in charge of the country. Way to go, America!