08 August 2010

Gen Con Recap

Phew . . . for not doing much today, it sure was a long one.

I arrived at the convention center about 12:30 to make one last pass through the dealer's area. Lyn wasn't heading out until 2, so I had some time to kill. More Miniature Building Authority stuff (ruined townhouses!). One last pass through the Reaper booth to pick up a couple paints I decided I couldn't live without.

Special kudos to Jim at Darksword Miniatures. Thanks for the swag. Anytime you need a ride, let me know. If anyone is reading the "Game of Thrones" series by George RR Martin, you should know that Darksword makes a line of miniatures representing the main characters from that series. Fantastic stuff.

Special angst to the asshat at Pagan Publishing who called me a 'cheap bastard' because I didn't buy a book that wasn't marked 50% off. Dude, your sign said "Pagan Publishing titles 50% off! Sunday Special!" That usually means that the titles that you guys publish are 50% off. You didn't have a caveat, so when I saw up Targets of Opportunity I thought it would be worth it, since I already knew I was buying Secrets of Mesoamerica. I like the Delta Green stuff, but for the love of Pete, your sign said what it said. Calling me a cheap bastard meant I didn't buy the Eyes Only book I was thinking about. Fucker.

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