20 April 2011

Images from a battle

Some time ago I engaged my buddy Josh in a skirmish game of Warlord. Undead (Necropolis) against Mercenaries. I played the Undead.

It was quite fun, even though I lost. I think the best point in the battle was when Josh's sergeant was set upon by two of my wraiths. My wraiths struck true, eliminating the sergeant, but in Warlord, figures in melee get defensive strikes. His sergeant got two, and managed to take out both wraiths as he went down. Dammit!

On the other hand, I have a perfect record in this game. Five games played . . . five games lost.

FYI, the buildings are resin and available at The Miniature Building Authority.

Cardstock Buildings from Dave Graffam

I've been really bad about posting my cardstock builds. My coworkers can testify that I've turn my cubicle into Workshop Villa, complete with citizenry.

This particular building was bashed together to form a country manor, complete with herb garden.

The Annual Tax Day Post

Once again, the time of year has passed when we spend hours filling out forms, digging out receipts, and hoping we did our math correctly for fear of a government-sponsored anal reaming known as a "Tax Audit."

Dear IRS,

This year, I hope the significant amount of money taken from my paycheck before I even had a chance to cry over it will go towards something useful, like . . . say . . . an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System for our aircraft carriers.