29 April 2009

The First Hundred Days

I'm motivated to write something congratulating our President on his first hundred days in office. After all, the mainstream media is orgasming over Barak, so why shouldn't I?

Our Glorious Leader has increased the national debt to $13 trillion. He has grand plans to take over the automotive industry, the health care industry, and the banking industry. We are on our way to the largest tax increase ever via carbon cap-and-trade policies (despite the evidence that the Earth is cooling). He has apologized for American excellence . . . er . . . being American to our worst enemies throughout the world. He has shown our enemies that he won't protect American interests. On top of all that, he gives great gifts to the leaders of nations that are our strongest allies. I mean, who wouldn't want an i-pod filled with pictures of our President?

I expect to see dissent crushed within the next hundred days, and the dumb masses start to realize that government control of their lives isn't all it's cracked up to be.

25 April 2009

Stupid, on a Grand Scale

Sunday is "Debt Day." It is the day that the government has spent all the money it collected this year. From Sunday on out, the government of this great country is being financed by debt. Debt that someone is going to have to pay back. In case you're bad at math, the "rich" don't have enough money to do that, even if the government taxed them at 100%. And hey, we haven't even gotten to the point where we get to pay for "free healthcare."

No, all this money is going to come from our children, and their children. And the next several generations of Americans. Provided we don't go belly-up as a country before that happens. Because you see, the government of the United States isn't really good about paying back its debt. Even under President Clinton and the Republican Congress, when we actually had a surplus of tax money thanks to Republicans who remembered why they had been voted into office, that money went for new projects, new spending, new ways to buy votes from worthless parasites.
You voted for this debacle, America. I only wish all the idiots who voted for this team of dunces would get to suffer at the hands of those who get to pay the money back.

15 April 2009

How the government spent my tax money

So, this year was the year taxes hurt. Mrs. Workshop and I paid somewhere around $24k to the wonderful, loving, KGB . . . er, the IRS. I'm sure the money that we sent in will be well spent by the intelligent bureaucrats in Washington DC on programs and services that will benefit all of humanity . . . .

Umm . . . well, aside from that, I'm sure the honest politicians are hard at work to ensure the money is well spent. . .

I mean, it's not like our president would just flush our money down the toilet, right?

Oh, fuck . . . .

So, in a fit of denial, I have decided I get to determine where my money goes. $24,000 is more than some people make in a year, so I should have a small say in who gets my money, right?

First up, three of these bad boys:
Nothing says "I love you" like a 7.62 mm NATO round delivered to the head by one of the finest soldiers the United States has to offer.

Yes, the Navy SEALs are the baddest group of operators around, and they deserve every gram of the reputation they have earned.

Sniper-grade 7.62mm NATO rounds (M118LR) cost about $2 each. But why stop with three? I've got $24k to spend, so let's buy the whole frakking SEAL team some ammo. At $2 each, that's 12,000 rounds. Enough to keep the SEALs in the sniping business for some time. Go get 'em, boys!

The Workshop has Moved!

Well, in the real world, at least. In cyberspace it's still right here.

More details to follow, but thanks go out to Mel, Marla, Mindi and John, Bill and Melanie, Lori, Dave, Thomas, and Charlie. Having a bunch of friends help makes the move go a lot faster!

03 April 2009