25 April 2009

Stupid, on a Grand Scale

Sunday is "Debt Day." It is the day that the government has spent all the money it collected this year. From Sunday on out, the government of this great country is being financed by debt. Debt that someone is going to have to pay back. In case you're bad at math, the "rich" don't have enough money to do that, even if the government taxed them at 100%. And hey, we haven't even gotten to the point where we get to pay for "free healthcare."

No, all this money is going to come from our children, and their children. And the next several generations of Americans. Provided we don't go belly-up as a country before that happens. Because you see, the government of the United States isn't really good about paying back its debt. Even under President Clinton and the Republican Congress, when we actually had a surplus of tax money thanks to Republicans who remembered why they had been voted into office, that money went for new projects, new spending, new ways to buy votes from worthless parasites.
You voted for this debacle, America. I only wish all the idiots who voted for this team of dunces would get to suffer at the hands of those who get to pay the money back.

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