30 September 2009

The Cartoon Controversy

Four years ago, the Jyllands-Postern, a Danish newspaper, published several cartoons that were deemed offensive to Muslims. The paper said this was an attempt bring light to the issue of criticism of Islam and self-censorship by various parties. Muslims believe that it is forbidden to draw Muhammad, for such base action only weakens the prophet.

In fact, Islamic art is characterized by wonderful abstracts that leave current, "modern" abstract artists in the dust. Nothing is as perfect as that which God creates, so the thinking goes, so for us to try to replicate it is an affront to God.

Now, couple the belief that depicting Muhammad is an act of blasphemy with the cry-baby nature of modern Islamists, and you end up with Muslims crying out for the death of those who insult Islam.

Me, being a firm believer that the freedom of speech, believe that we should out shine the light of truth upon them.

If you want to play in the sandbox of the civilized world, you don't get to go around demanding I censor myself. You don't get to go around whining about your hurt feelings. And you certainly don't have the right to demand my head be cut off because your delicate sensibilities are hurt.

To that end, I am reposting the Muhammed cartoons. I will not submit, not now, not when you hold a sword to my throat. Some things are worth fighting for, and freedom is one of them.

Because the Pharmaceutical Industry Thrives on Innovation

28 September 2009

20 September 2009

File this under: Why Didn't I Think Of That?

What will they think of next?

Many times, I find it better not to surf around the Interwebs, because you invariably end up stumbling on stuff that makes your brain hurt.


11 September 2009

Never Forget

Insurance Companies and Stupidity

Dear Anthem,

Yesterday, I attempted to fill a prescription that my wife requires. The medicine, which had a cost of $41.99 for 30 tablets, keeps her blood pressure under control. This is important because she had some pre-term labor. Lower blood pressure means no early child.

Now, I understand you are in the middle of a huge debate, and the future of the insurance industry pretty much hinges on ObamaCare going down in flames like it should.

But you don't help matters when you refuse to pay for a prescription that will prevent a neo-natal ICU visit. If she has the child now, you will get a bill much higher to cover the cost of NICU, and the round-the-clock care that premature babies get.


Now, to be fair, the pharmacist did a little fudging to say "yeah, we'll put you on half a dose so insurance will cover the cost. Just take the dose like your doctor prescribed."

$11 later, we had our medicine, we learned that the pharmacist is smart, and that Anthem Insurance is stupid.

In closing, I really support the medical industry. It is filled with amazingly smart, dedicated people. The insurance industry is filled with weasels, and if you guys don't get your act together, no one will cry when you are nationalized.

06 September 2009

Unemployment is up again. Color me shocked.

I forgot to update the blog when July unemployment numbers came up. Not to worry, though. Unemployment is higher than it was then. Although you wouldn't know it from the news stories circulating. Granted, this article comes from the AP, but still . . . really guys? If it was GW Bush, you'd be all over it saying we're headed for a death spiral.

Like this. And this. And this.

So, how's that "job saving stimulus bill that we need to pass RIGHT NOW or we're all going to die" working out? Not that you could have cut everyone's federal taxes to NOTHING and had an immediate positive response. I'm kinda glad the Glorious Leader didn't do that. Cutting Federal Income Taxes to 0% would have meant the recovery happened immediately, and he'd likely be looked on as a having solved the problem. Instead, the problem got worse. Thank you, Oh Glorious Leader Obama!