06 September 2009

Unemployment is up again. Color me shocked.

I forgot to update the blog when July unemployment numbers came up. Not to worry, though. Unemployment is higher than it was then. Although you wouldn't know it from the news stories circulating. Granted, this article comes from the AP, but still . . . really guys? If it was GW Bush, you'd be all over it saying we're headed for a death spiral.

Like this. And this. And this.

So, how's that "job saving stimulus bill that we need to pass RIGHT NOW or we're all going to die" working out? Not that you could have cut everyone's federal taxes to NOTHING and had an immediate positive response. I'm kinda glad the Glorious Leader didn't do that. Cutting Federal Income Taxes to 0% would have meant the recovery happened immediately, and he'd likely be looked on as a having solved the problem. Instead, the problem got worse. Thank you, Oh Glorious Leader Obama!

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