08 April 2010

Wait . . . Death Panels? Where?

"What would you call governmental institutions that empower bureaucrats to decide when to deny medical treatment--panels, as it were, that have the authority to determine when a patient's death is necessary for the health of the fisc?"

Powerline Blog - check it out.

Also over in Hot Air . . . more commentary.

Let me summarize: Duh.

Thank you, America, for checking your brains at the door and electing this nitwit.

My Pimp Rico . . .

Especially starting at about 1:25, Mrs. Workshop says this is not uncommon.

Oh, thank you, P-BO, for socialized medicine so that we can see more of this in real life.

07 April 2010

Time to Increase the Number of Exemptions

So, the IRS has figured out how to enforce that 'YOU MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE' law that the Party of Stupid (also known as Democrats) passed a while ago.

And so, time to up my exemptions to the max. Let's see . . . me, Mrs. Workshop, Little Workshop, plus 1 . . . yeah, four exemptions ought to do it. It'd just meant that I pay a big chunk in April instead of giving that money up willingly all year long.

Note: While the Democrats are the Party of Stupid, the Republicans are oftimes the Party of Obtuseness. Don't worry; my disdain for idiots knows no bounds.

06 April 2010

Missile Tech

So, in the previous post I mentioned the blue missiles on the wingtip racks being training missiles. Turns out they're also an older style. Visiting over to Instapinch, I saw a picture of the latest Sidewinder, the 9x. These missiles use vectored thrust, meaning the "cone" they can acquire a target in is much wider, since they don't need to rely on fins to do the steering. Older styles of Sidewinders relied on the front fins turning to guide the missile, which relied on little roller-wheels on the back fins using gyroscopic forces to tell which direction the missile was going. All very complicated.

The two guys fiddling with stuff are the ordnance crew. Red shirts take care of things that go boom. The green shirt signifies the arresting gear/catapult crew.

It's That Time of Year Again . . .

Time to sweat details like "how much did I spend in child care?" and "Are those underwear I donated to Goodwill really deductible?" Fear surrounds the furious calculations, because no one wants the KGB . . . er, the IRS knocking at their door. The best part? If you were to call the IRS for help, it's likely they wouldn't be able to figure out your tax bill, either.

But no matter! Because we have universal health care! That won't kick in for FOUR YEARS! But we get to pay the taxes now!

For the record, this is what the dumb-ass politicians in Washington DC have brought upon us.
This, on top of the great unemployment rate that we're enjoying, because, you know, if we DIDN'T pass that trillion-dollar crap sandwich, we'd be worse off. Because our government's track record of forecasting this stuff has proven time and again to be 100% accurate . . . .
But, in an effort to keep my sanity when the insane are running the country (into the ground), I've come up with my yearly list of "What I Bought The Federal Government." Now, if you see the roads around my house, you know I didn't buy them asphalt or concrete, because that stuff should have been used to fill in the craters that are doing their level best to destroy my truck's supsension.

No, I'm continuing the trend of supplying the United States Military with equipment. This year, I'm contributing to the FA-18 Super Hornet Fund. Now, these are the main fighter jets of the United States Navy, replacing the venerable F-14 Tomcat. The Tomcat was the jet that was the star of the movie "Top Gun," in case you're wondering. No, Tom Cruise did not star in that movie, he was second billing to the baddest-assed Cold War bird around. Anyways, the super hornet comes in at around $55 million, which means Mrs. Workshop and I are the proud contributors of . . . 0.0345% of one jet.(The blue missiles on the wingtips are training missiles, not live-fire weapons. Just so you know.)

Last year, it was 7.62mm NATO sniper rounds. This year it's part of a jet. Much better than paying Congresscritter Hank Johnson's salary.


01 April 2010

Utterly Frakking Stupid

Yes, I'm describing a Congresscritter. His name is Hank Johnson, and he represents the fine voters of Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you, Atlanta, for sending your best and brightest to Washington to represent you.

Admiral Robert Willard is the poor soul subjected to the Congresscritter's stupidity. I probably would have said something like "Well, Congressman, that's why we encourage our elected representatives to visit Guam. All the hot air helps keep the island afloat." Or maybe "I understand your concern, Congressman, and that's why we've invested billions of dollars in pontoons to ensure the island does not, in fact, capsize."

To the admiral's credit, he appears caught off-guard fora brief moment, but responds with an ever-classy "We don't anticipate that."