01 April 2010

Utterly Frakking Stupid

Yes, I'm describing a Congresscritter. His name is Hank Johnson, and he represents the fine voters of Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you, Atlanta, for sending your best and brightest to Washington to represent you.

Admiral Robert Willard is the poor soul subjected to the Congresscritter's stupidity. I probably would have said something like "Well, Congressman, that's why we encourage our elected representatives to visit Guam. All the hot air helps keep the island afloat." Or maybe "I understand your concern, Congressman, and that's why we've invested billions of dollars in pontoons to ensure the island does not, in fact, capsize."

To the admiral's credit, he appears caught off-guard fora brief moment, but responds with an ever-classy "We don't anticipate that."

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Beavis said...

OMFG. This deserves a repost on my blog.