07 April 2010

Time to Increase the Number of Exemptions

So, the IRS has figured out how to enforce that 'YOU MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE' law that the Party of Stupid (also known as Democrats) passed a while ago.

And so, time to up my exemptions to the max. Let's see . . . me, Mrs. Workshop, Little Workshop, plus 1 . . . yeah, four exemptions ought to do it. It'd just meant that I pay a big chunk in April instead of giving that money up willingly all year long.

Note: While the Democrats are the Party of Stupid, the Republicans are oftimes the Party of Obtuseness. Don't worry; my disdain for idiots knows no bounds.

1 comment:

Beavis said...

Yay! Stupid, obtuse politicians for everyone! Let's see if we can make an octagon.