04 December 2010

27% of Americans are Beyond Stupid

and here's why:

According to a Rasmussan poll, 27% of Americans favor a government-managed economy.

If there's one thing a study of economics can tell us, it's that government is the absolute worst place for economic decisions to be made. Government brought us the Great Depression, the Great Recession, the Housing Bubble, 99 weeks of unemployment (and those who think continued unemployment checks somehow create jobs), and outright tyranny.

The old USSR had a government managed economy, and couldn't feed it's people, despite abundant resources. There are no examples of successful economies that are managed by the government; every single one fails. Even China allows some economic freedom. Which country has a government-controlled economy? North Korea comes to mind. And we all see how fantastic that country is looking. By the way, there's a reason North Korea is known as the "Land of No Smiles."

In addition, the poll indicated that 42% of Democrats believe that the government should run the economy. That pretty much means if you are a Democrat, you are in the Party of Stupid.

The poll differentiated between complete government control of the economy and providing "helpful" programs like unemployment insurance. The 27% mentioned above are in favor of complete government control.

These people really do deserve the description "dumber 'n a bag of hammers."