31 August 2009

The Political Scale.

I've known about this site for some time. It's a great site. You answer dozens of questions, and it places you on a grid, Communism vs "neo-liberalism" and authoritarian vs fascist.
Note that pretty much all of our political leaders fall in the "authoritarian/neoliberalism" quadrant. Which says a lot about our political leaders. One might also note that there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between our political leaders. I chalk that up to the bias of the codewriters. Of course, there is a world of difference between our current world leaders and people like Hitler and Stalin (as well as such cuddley figures as Robert Mugabe).

Where am I? Well, Milton Friedman is a pretty close neighbor . . . .

On a side note, I would caution against thinking there is a "best quadrant." The quadrant with Ghandi, for instance, would seem popular until you realize that Ghandi thought the Jews should willingly enter the gas chambers the Nazis had prepared for them. Crazy talk about "moral high ground." Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI is pretty close to Mamoud Abbas, but I don't recall the Pope suggesting that suicide bombing is the way to go.

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