04 August 2009

My Letter to the Editor in the Indy Star

Full text:

During the debate about health-care reform, one particularly troubling aspect is never mentioned. Every country that has adopted single-payer systems has had to cut back on services offered. In other words, every country that has government-controlled health care has rationed care.

While some may say that our system now rations care, individuals may pay for any service they wish if their insurance doesn't pay for it. But under a government system, the government may outlaw such private payments. In England, it is illegal to pay for your own health care. Canada had a black-market health-care system for those who could afford it. If Canadians were caught going outside the public system, they could be prosecuted. Patients had to go to the Supreme Court to get the ability to pay for their own care.

The ultimate question for those who support government control our health-care system is this: Why should anyone have to go to get an MRI?

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