29 April 2009

The First Hundred Days

I'm motivated to write something congratulating our President on his first hundred days in office. After all, the mainstream media is orgasming over Barak, so why shouldn't I?

Our Glorious Leader has increased the national debt to $13 trillion. He has grand plans to take over the automotive industry, the health care industry, and the banking industry. We are on our way to the largest tax increase ever via carbon cap-and-trade policies (despite the evidence that the Earth is cooling). He has apologized for American excellence . . . er . . . being American to our worst enemies throughout the world. He has shown our enemies that he won't protect American interests. On top of all that, he gives great gifts to the leaders of nations that are our strongest allies. I mean, who wouldn't want an i-pod filled with pictures of our President?

I expect to see dissent crushed within the next hundred days, and the dumb masses start to realize that government control of their lives isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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