14 February 2008

The Forbidden Cartoons - Solidarity

Just over two years ago, you may remember the "outrage" of Islamic Fascists over the publication of several cartoons depiciting the wonderful, peace-loving religion of Islam in a less-than-perfect light. The Jyllands-Posten of Denmark published these pictures, and the cartoonist's life has been threatened. Well, lots of peoples' lives have been threatened by these thugs.

As a show of solidarity with the cartoonist and the paper, and to fully uphold my natural right of Free Speech, I have republished the cartoons here. Strangely enough, there have been darned few mainstream media outlets for these cartoons. Apparently, they would rather cower in fear and hope the problem goes away.
To those who would take our freedoms and install sharia law, I say: "I will not submit." Not now, not ever.

There's a lot more, but now its time to go to work.

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