21 January 2009

Ah, the joys of Universal Health Care

h/t to Captain Capitalism for this one.

The above picture shows the average wait times that we have to look forward to with Universal Health Care.

I just can't wait for that time when I might have to wait for a YEAR to get some angioplasty, instead of the . . . um . . . 2 days I have to wait now. Yeah, that'll be great.

I'm sure health care costs will go down, too. Because, while you were waiting a year for your cardiac bypass, you died. WooHoo! Cost Savings Galore!

Couple this with the patriotic act of smoking so we can fund SCHIP programs, and I have no doubt that we'll be rolling in greenbacks in a few short years. Why, bad quality and horrible timelines will make us all rich and healthy!

Stupid people . . . .


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