02 October 2009

Unemployment . . . Again . . .

So, the last time unemployment numbers came out, I described how I was shocked, shocked to see that unemployment was up again after the Great Obamomessiah's Grand Stimulus that put the US in hock for somewhere upwards of a trillion dollars.

Well, unemployment numbers were released today.
Yes, when government increases spending, and everyone with half a brain knows that government gets their money from taxing people, the end result is that businesses are not really looking to expand their operations and grow revenue.

Why should they? It's just going to be taken away from them by the parasites who demand health care, or retirement, or any number of other entitlements we Americans have been suckered into demanding.

Guess what? It's only going to get worse. We have a childish president who demands others sacrifice while he attends cocktail parties serving wagyu beef (at $150/lb) and flies off to Copenhagen to try to get the Olympics to select Chicago as the site of the 2016 games (despite that several of his associates stand to make millions on real estate deals should that happen). Thank goodness the Olympic Committee saw through at least some of the BS being hurled their way and told Obama to stuff it. Guess Obama's Chicago cronies got out-cronied by the IOC cronies.

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