15 February 2010

From the "Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass" Files

Evan Bayh is retiring from the U.S. Senate.

I guess all that double-talk finally caught up to him.

Or maybe it was his "I don't know about national health care" face to his constituents while being a cheerleader for Obamacare behind closed doors.

There's still a small part of me that wants to think that Bayh realized he was being used by the Left, and realized it was time to quit. Especially since he rolled so easily on national health care. Hell, we didn't even get a Louisiana Purchase or a Cornhusker Kickback like those senators who held on to their convictions just long enough for a great big fat check to drop in their laps.

Still, with the deadline for signatures just days away, Democrats are probably crapping themselves trying to figure out a replacement. Not to worry, as there are plenty of people who are more that happy to spend other people's money on failed programs that will only serve to drive the citizenry to serfdom.

Maybe it was a finger in the eye of the Democratic leadership that has thrown fiscal responsibility out the window in an effort to nationalize our economy and enslave the next dozen generations with debt that they can't possibly pay off. I doubt it, but I'm not quite so jaded as to say that piece of me has died. I know, I'm an optimist for thinking that there might be a politician who hasn't sold every piece of his soul.

Come November, expect several more incumbents to be shown the door by their constituents. At least Bayh had the good sense to leave before Indiana's voters did to him what he's been doing to us.


Beavis said...

Thanks for posting this way before I could gather my words. Unfortunately, his timing may have also been a well placed tactic to prevent a slues of weak Democratic candidates from flooding the primaries. I would almost guarantee this would ensure he gets to pick the Democratic candidate and, whilst the Republicans fight amongst themselves, he has an opportunity to create a strong backing for some jackhole of his choosing.

Beavis said...

Also, I'm glad he didn't pull any punches during the announcement... wait, he did. It's funny how he so eagerly waved the "I'm not sure about comprehensive healthcare" flag, was later outed as a huge supporter by the Indianapolis Star and now that Dems didn't get their way, he's throwing punches and crying like a little baby. Perhaps all the hair care products are clouding the fact that he's a friggin' politician and.... THIS IS POLITICS. Come on, Bayh, be a big boy while you're still wearing the daddy pants.