10 April 2013

Back In My Day . . . . OSR Goodness

I've been doing a lot of reading of Old School Renaissance blogs lately.  Primarily because when you're trying to get a baby back to sleep at 3am, popping the Ipad over to DnD With Pornstars or Dreams in the Lich House is what keeps me from going completely batshit crazy.

Twenty Quick Questions for Your Campaign Setting
How to Awesome-Up Your Players
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque - Awesome site for Gothic stuff in D&D. 
D&D With Pornstars - NSFW - Not nearly as titillating as one might think, but don't go there on a work computer.  Zak wrote the fantastic Vornheim book, a must-have for running city adventures.
Ten Foot Pole - reviews of OSR modules, and it would have saved me a bit of coin if I had found him before some modules found me.

And now Workshop v2.0 is waking up.

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