10 April 2013

Tax Day Post - 2013 Edition

Well, it's that time of year again.  The time when the buds on the trees appear and herald the coming of Spring.  The time when the garden begs to be tilled and compost spread.

It's also the time when the parasites inhabiting Washington D.C. demand their tribute.  Of course, thanks to Section 3402(a) of the Title 26 Internal Revenue Codes, my employer is mandated to withhold income taxes and send them to the Imperials. 

This year, I realized I was miscalculating my tax liability.  In previous posts, I only included my Federal Income Tax liability.  I totally forgot the Social Insecurity and Medicare taxes, which should really be doubled because my employer "matches" my "contribution."  Meaning the employer sends the taxes off to the feds instead of to me.

So, just shy of $30,000 on an income only about three times as high, I now have held off the KGB . . . er, IRS another year.  Bastards.

That money could have paid for my sons' college.  Or it could have purchased a couple really nice replacement used cars.  But no, I had to pay for these idiots who whine worse than a three year old denied ice cream when they have to cut a measly 2% out of the budget for this year.  Of course, pretty much anyone who worked also had to take a 2% cut in pay due to the Social Insecurity tax that was reinstated in January, but I don't seem to recall as much bitching about it.  Certainly, I didn't hear the doom and gloom that I got to hear from our incompetent Executive In Charge.  I got to help bail out the "Green Energy" companies, too.  You certainly remember the boondoggle that benefits those companies well-connected to the Democrats and drives up energy prices for those who can least afford high prices, don't you?  And don't forget the massive uptake of ammunition that the feds are stockpiling.  Because the Department of Homeland Security totally needs hollow-point bullets to carry out their security activities.

No, they needed that money far more than my family did.  Hell, the Social Insecurity taxes alone would have been (5k at 10% for 25 years = ) $36k just on the money the Workshop Clan contributed.  With the employer confiscation/match, double it.).  But don't worry, that Ponzi scheme won't be around when we're ready to retire. 

Might as well had just poured a bunch of gasoline on those Benjamins and lit them on fire.

In an attempt to stay optimistic about the cesspool this money disappeared into, I like to pretend what it did go to.  My neighbor's son joined the Air Force, so this year the money went to pay for his training.  Well worth it, especially hearing what I did about HOW the training was conducted.  Nice to know some places don't kow-tow to the political correctness goons.

Dear IRS, President Obama, Dingy Harry, SanFran Nan, Tim "Didn't pay my Taxes" Geithner and all the other looters:



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