01 April 2014

Helping fix the deficit

Time for climate scientists to go on strike.

Oh, please, yes.

Let's see . . . no more grant money . . . no more insipid "go green" messages.  No more "OMG the global temperature rose 0.001 degree C we're all gonna DIE!" nonsense. 

No more junkets to exotic tropical destinations to hold "conferences" on climate change and help the economy of the local sex workers?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

The only thing I'd like better is a reality show with two dozen of the leading "climatologists" who have to struggle each week to maintain their spot on a slowly sinking island else drown and be fed to sharks.  The winner gets to stay on his 3 square meter piece of sand living a "green", "sustainable" life until we release rabid baboons onto his ecological paradise.  This leads to Season 2, tentatively titled "Climatologist: Invasive Species!"

I'd watch it.

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