11 April 2014

The Annual Tax Post, 2014 edition.

The weather has finally warmed up, and it's time to think about all those wonderful spring activities, like getting the lawn mower ready, cleaning gutters, cleaning up winter deadfall, and spreading compost on the garden.

Speaking of compost . . . .

The leeches demand their annual tribute.  Following in last year's footsteps, I've calculated my total federal tax bill, including social insecurity and medifraud withtholdings.  $33,000 was forcibly taken from my family.

Of course, I could have used this money to pay for my sons' college.  Or socked extra away so that when Mrs. Workshop and I retire, I won't need to beg at the government's teat for my social insecurity check to be mailed.

Normally I attempt to paint a positive picture of where my money goes.  But this year, it's become painfully obvious that the money went to crony capitalists who were rewarded by the Big O for their campaign contributions.  Similarly, since 2/3 of income taxes are just transfer payments to the class of people who can't seem to hold down a productive job but keep spitting out kids, the money I worked for is helping them maintain their two-television with cable and an ipad lifestyle.

Dear IRS, President Obama, Dingy Harry, SanFran Nan, Lois "not political per-se" Lerner, and Attorney General Eric "don't go there" Holder,

I sincerely hope the anal reaming you gave the productive citizens of this country is returned to you in kind.



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