26 July 2009

Finally, a new miniature!

To take a break from the political rants, here's the first miniature I painted since taking a break due to the move . . . .
From Reaper, 3405 Black Orc Hero.

I'll call him "tabletop plus" quality. Definitely not by best, but still fun to paint.

I'm really enjoying sculpts by Tre Manor. Over-muscled, brutal-looking figures. Lots of muscle detail. He's selling his own minis over at Red Box Games.

On another gaming front, GenCon looms! I'm excited, since I've got a bunch of money burning a hole in my pocket. Dozens of miniatures will likely be purchased, as well as RPG supplements and board games (like Carcassone and Cold War).

All told, about 34,000 games will descend upon Indianapolis in a fit of geekiness, nerdiness, and downright dorkitude. The Colts are still going to try to have a pre-season game against the Vikings that weekend. Hopefully, they've learned that booking hotel rooms in advance is a good plan. On the other hand, I'll laugh myself silly if they goof it up again ( like when the Jets came here several years ago), and the Vikings need to stay at a Super-8 up in Lafayette.

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