02 July 2009

Obama's Recovery Plan - Even Higher Unemployment!

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Now, this is the projected number, not the actual number (the guys over at Innocent Bystanders are on it, though).

Unemployment increased AGAIN!!! Despite the Glorious Leader Obama's plan to Bankrupt Us All.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And these numbers don't include what will happen when the Cap and Tax carbon emission debacle . . . er . . . plan goes through. Or Universal Health Care That Will Mean You Die Sooner. Or the necessary tax increases to pay for all our wonderful government services that the Glorious Leader Obama will provide for us.

For the record, what do you think the media would be saying if these unemployment numbers occurred under George W. Bush? Instead of "Unemployment lower than expected" we'd be seeing "Economy worsens to historic proportions."

If the economy keeps getting worse at a slower rate, we'll soon be up to 10% unemployment. No doubt our ruling class will proclaim that it would have been so much worse if we were fiscally responsible.


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