06 June 2009

Obama's Recovery Plan is Still A Failure.

I wrote a bit about this earlier (here).

Well, the numbers for May are out . . . .

Notice anything . . . anything at all? Like, May's data point. For those of you with willful blinders, that data point provides even more proof that we flushed a few trillion dollars down the toilet.

Don't bother trying to get this information from the Main-Stream Media though. They're too busy saying "Things got worse less than we expected, so we're going to be happy! All praise Obama!" Don't believe me? Here ya go . . . .

Very bad things are on the horizon. The higher gas prices we've seen recently are an indication. Supplies are high, demand is low . . . so that should mean decreasing prices. The very fact that we're pushing $3/gallon means the market knows something we don't. Like the knowledge that all that stimulus money we're printing and spending has no value behind it, so inflation is going to hammer us like a Mack Truck. And government's attempt to control the economy (banks, car manufacturers, and health care are all poised to be nationalized).

But I'm sure the Great Obamaman can save us! Thanks for that, btw, Fred.

h/t Innocent Bystanders

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