17 June 2009

From the "I have a Great Idea" File

As the global economic catastrophe worsens, we should really do something to make sure that foreigners still vacation here in the United States. You know, like a massive advertising blitz to showcase how wonderful this country is to visit. The pristine mountains, the beautiful rivers, amber waves of grain and all that.

But, one might ask how we can pay for it. One would be smart to ask that.

How about charging foreign travelers a $10 fee? Why, the program pays for itself!

Sad to say, but this brilliant plan is already in place. H/t to the reason blog.

One might also ask why we have this problem. The answer is that after 9/11, the government put policies in place to make travel to the US more difficult, resulting in a drop in tourism.

And people want these asshats in charge our our health care system?

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