08 June 2009

Pause for a Second and Breathe Deeply

Finally, after about 2 months of work, our old house is on the market.

I went against one of my rules of finance: Don't buy a house until the one you're in sells. Don't end up with two mortgage payments.

There was just one problem with this advice: We have 6 pets. There's no frakking way we could have put those pets into a kennel for the period of time we would need to sell the house. And, all the updates we did were much easier without trying to still live in the house.

New paint everywhere. New carpet and vinyl. New sink in the bathroom.

These were pretty major updates, and moving furniture from room to room as the carpet installers laid down their product wasn't the way I wanted to spend my month.

But now, we're done. The house is up, pictures are on the web, and it's time to take a deep breath.

Okay, now that that's done, it's time to finally put the new house together. Get the garage organized. Make sure all our mail is forwarding correctly. Mail in those Menards rebates I have sitting around. Put my paint station back together. Get the fishing stuff ready for the summer. Take care of those pesky ants that keep finding their way inside our house. Make sure my lawnmower is tuned up. . . .

Soon, I'll post pictures of my new and old paint stations. And maybe I'll even start painting once again!

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