21 June 2009

Photo of the Day

If y'all haven't noticed, there's a whole bunch of bad stuff happening in Iran right now. There was an "election," and the mullahs in charge of that country didn't like the outcome (their stooge Amadimmwhitt didn't win). So, massive vote fraud was perpetrated. This resulted in a lot of people getting pissed off, and protesting the Iranian government.

Now, in the United States these things occasionally happen, there's some news coverage, and everyone goes home. In the theocracy of Iran, however, the government sends in armed police to shoot, beat, and otherwise destroy these protesters.

So, there's a people standing up against their despicable government, dying in the streets, fighting for basic human rights. What does our president do? Go out for ice cream.

No, I'm not kidding. CBS is Tweeting about it. Here.
News article here.

Mr. President, with all due respect, you are the leader of the FREAKING FREE WORLD! Why are you not speaking about the atrocities the Iranian government are inflicting upon their own people? (Note, in the interest of fairness, here's a link to the White House blog posting. You may judge for yourself if it is sufficient.) A more accurate portrayal can be found here.

Her name was Neda. It means "voice" in Farsi. She was shot. In the chest. By her government. For protesting.There's a video on YouTube. But due to the fact that blood shoots out of her body, YouTube makes you sign in before you can see it.

Oh, here should be a way around that. A warning, though. It's graphic. Congratulations, America. You voted for a weak-kneed pansy who can't (or won't) speak against a brutal theocracy as it murders it's citizens. Way to go.

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