28 June 2009

Go Navy.

I realized something as I was playing around on the 'net tonight.

Mrs. Workshop's and my new house sits on about 5 acres of land. That's more than the flight deck on a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. In other words, pilots land their aircraft on something smaller than my yard every day.

Holy Crap. Something the size of my pasture sees more air traffic than some airports.
The above picture is a daily exercise (twice daily if evening/night flight operations are scheduled) aboard an aircraft carrier, the "foreign object and debris" walk (FOD). Anyone not involved in something vital gets to get up and walk the flight deck from one end to the other, looking for anything that could cause a multi-million dollar jet engine to suddenly not work. A loose nut, a piece of rubber, anything . . . .And that's all for tonight. Goodnight!

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