24 May 2010

From the "What was your first clue, Sherlock?" Files

Read the NY Times story. Yes, I know it's the Times. Yes, I know they can't find their backsides with both hands. Yes, I know they're a failing institution that can't figure out why their readership continues to decline ("Hey, I got an idea! I know we keep losing readers, but let's veer even more leftward! While we're at it, let's expose some secret government programs that are actually keeping bad guys from harming the United States!").

The summary: So, Euroweenies, long enamored with their leftist utopia that has allowed the unemployment rate to dwarf even the United States' unemployment rate, have possibly begun to realize that working for 30 years does NOT mean you get to live off fat government pension checks for an additional 40 years.

As Margaret Thatcher famously put it, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." Euroweenies have long loved their generous pensions, social hammock . . . er, safety net, and low work hours. Turns out, thought, that you can't actually survive as a country when YOU KEEP FRAKKING BORROWING MONEY WITH NO HOPE OF PAYING IT BACK!!!!


So, what happens when people realize the free lunch is at an end, and someone has to pick up the tab? What is the response of socialist parasites who don't contribute to the economy? Protests. "How dare they take away our benefits! How dare they make us work longer hours!"

The European model is not sustainable. You cannot continue to live on more than you produce. It's simple math.

Unfortunately, our Congresscritters and our President didn't major in math. No, they took "feel good" classes like Basket-weaving and Sociology. Math, well, that was just too darned hard.

Couple the unsustainable nature of European socialism with the fact that all the banks who loaned money to the nations partaking in this fiasco are linked. If Greece falls, all those loans go bad, which means banks don't have enough money to continue to loan money out to other European nations. Since Portugal and Spain and France depend on those loans, they'll fall, too. And more loans go bad. And more countries fall.

But by all means, keep believing that Socialism is a good system. It ranks right up there with the Unicornocracy, where fantasy beasts benevolently rule over us humans.

Stupid stupid stupid. Seriously, it's basic math, using the > and < signs.

Spending cannot be > than revenue for very long. Despite Obama's magic hand waving, spending more money that we have cannot lead us into prosperity. If it did, we'd be the frickin' richest nation on earth. But it can't, because reality doesn't work that way. (I know, I'm an evil hate-monger for dashing your insipid hopes that the 'Bama is anything other than an empty-suit politician.)

If you really think Socialism is the way to go, go out and run up your credit cards. Then refuse to pay the bill. That's exactly what Europe has done, and it's what the Democrats in the US are doing.

And if you are really so stupid as to run up your credit card bills, you deserve all the pain you bring onto yourself.

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