20 May 2010

Happy Draw Mohommhed Day!

So, a subset of the Muslim world demands death to those who draw their Prophet. This subset of the Muslim population gets their panties in a knot when someone disagrees with their belief that Islam is not the best thing since sliced bread, and they come out with death threats against people who dare desecrate their prophet (who consummated a marriage to a girl of 6 years old).

So, it's National Draw Mohammad Day, to show these pinheads that there are plenty of people who aren't scared of their threats, who will stand up to their bullying, and who will not submit. Not now, not ever. If you wanna play in the sandbox of civilization, you can't go around threatening to behead those you disagree with. Christians don't demand the slaughter of those who insult Christ, and by all historical data, Christ was actually a likable guy. He didn't rape girls or start wars, and certainly didn't instruct his followers to enslave their neighbors. Need proof? Do a search for current wars. You'll find that Muslim fanatics are on one or both sides of approximately 97% of the wars that are currently being fought.

My only regret is that I couldn't use bacon to make this piece of computerized art.

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