17 May 2010

A Memo to the Suits

A backup system that works without all the bells and whistles of a computerized, technological miracle that adds tremendous costs that your company cannot afford . . . STILL FRAKKING WORKS!

If you believe the alternative to an "analog" system (also known as shouting down the hall for help in an emergency situation) is another expensive system that you DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR is the answer to your problems, you should resign your position due to your incompetence.

If you do not bother to attend your budget meetings, insist on spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave, and depend on your underlings to bear the burden of finding ways to cut costs, you should be fired. With malice.

If you have done nothing productive in the past two years to address your inflated salaries, offered solutions to budget shortfalls, or moved your fat asses onto the floor to help your teammates, you deserve a very long, painful Walk of Shame past the employees and customers you have let down.

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