01 April 2012

2012 Annual Tax Day Post

This year, thanks to Mrs. Workshop working less, we were able to substantially decrease the amount of money we sent to our favorite corrupt and dysfunctional government. Unfortunately, with the amount of the green energy boondoggle (Solyndra, et.al.), and the upcoming cuts to the national defense budget, it doesn't look like my money went to anything decent.

Dear IRS,

I hope you enjoy the $11,000+ I sent you in 2011. I could have used it to fund Little Workshop's college fund, or retirement. Or I could have blown it on hookers and weed, which would have no doubt been a better use of it than sending it to you guys. I would have preferred burning it in my backyard, because then I'd at least have the satisfaction of watching enviroweenies complain about my rabid disregard for Mother Earth.

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