06 April 2012


Mowing the lawn isn't a chore for me. Well, it is a little bit, but mostly it's relaxing. It helps that I have a decent mower.

However, tonight I was zipping around a tree, looking down, and what did I see?! A mushroom! And not just any mushroom, a morel. These are prized fungi. People go out into the woods looking for the, hunting them in the spring, because they're TASTY.

I hopped off the Chopper and called Mrs. Workshop over. I'm not a mushroom hunter, so I figured I'd ask her if she knew what a morel looked like. No luck there, but a neighbor did help me out. Yep, it was a morel. And Mrs. Workshop indicated where I had already run over three others. Dangit!

Still, I grabbed one that hadn't been destroyed by the mower and proceeded to slice and saute it up. It's too bad that Mrs. Workshop had to go off to a friend's house. That mushroom was darned tasty. Sauteed in butter, a little salt and pepper . . . wow!

Granted, I've never eaten mushrooms out of my yard before. There were too many horror stories when I was growing up about deadly mushrooms that looked just like edible ones. So I figured if I was going to die a horrid, gut-wrenching death, I didn't want my wife around. Still, when she got back and I told her about it, she didn't seem all that enthusiastic about trying one for herself. "That's okay," I told her. "I will happily eat them without you."

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