29 April 2012

Cubicle Village

This is a bit late, but I'm pretty sure it's time to tell the tale of the Cubicle Village.  The story behind the village is this: As I began building more and more things, I wanted to put them in a place where they would be relatively safe from the predations of my son. So, I initially started putting the buildings in my cubicle. My coworkers liked it, with one in particular even being disappointed when I didn't add to the collection regularly.

Due to a variety of reasons, we also had some empty cubicles in our area. Well, I decided that squatter's rights ruled, so I created street tiles and began building a village, complete with cardstock inhabitants.

This went well for several months, until a director walked through doing a safety inspection. The village caught her eye, but not in a bad way. She began bringing other members of the site lead team to view the village, amazed that someone could create an entire scaled village. Even the site HR rep got in on the act, taking a photograph and displaying it as part of the lead team's safety presentation (from what I hear, it was placed in a powerpoint presentation at the end, as a lighthearted moment for a fairly successful safety audit).

The best part was my boss's boss didn't know I had commandeered a neighboring cubicle. He thought all the stuff was in my cubicle, so when he was asked "did you know about this?" he replied "Well, yeah, of course." Now, I don't know what conversations went on after that. However, just before GenCon 2011 my leader told me that due to incoming employees, my village would have to be relocated. You may notice in one of the pictures that the Imperfect Rioters have placards decrying eminent domain abuse . . . .  Strangely enough, it is only recently that this particular cubicle has become inhabited by someone who isn't 2-dimensional (nor afraid of paper shredders). 

Building models include Dave Graffam's models, and Fat Dragon Games.  Citizenry is courtesy of Imperfect People, by Dryw the Harper.

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