14 September 2010

1990 Called. They Want Their Server Back.

Funny thing happened yesterday. One of my teammates got a message from one of the IT guys. Apparently, our team was hogging a whole lot of space on the "shared documents" intranet site. Fully 12% of our site's allocation was devoted to our documents. Pretty impressive considering we have something like four people out of 100+.

Now, you're probably mighty impressed that four people could produce so many documents, presentations, charts, and random crap that the IT people are begging us to delete some of this stuff. You'll be less impressed to learn that we accounted for 1GB of space out of the 8GB our building was allocated.

We deleted a couple videos linked to an old presentation, freed up about 300 MB, and the IT guys were happy.

My coworker has more memory on his phone than our entire building has allocated for shared documents. Something is wrong with that. But what do I know? I don't have an MBA.

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