18 September 2010

The Terrain Project Part 3: I didn't cut any fingers off!

On a quiet afternoon, when Mrs. Workshop took the guppy to visit family, I started my game table. The initial supplies: two 2'x4' pieces of particle board, furring strips, and the Woodlands Scenics mat (summer color).

First, I cut the mat so there was a little bit of overlap on all four sides of each piece of particle board. I'll trim it up later.

Then, as per the directions on the jar of adhesive I'm using to glue the mat to the board, I primed the board. This is so the adhesive has something better to cling to than porous chips of wood.

Yes, I did both.

Once the primer was dry, I used a cheap foam brush to paint the adhesive to the board, as well as the back of each piece of mat, being careful to not get the glue on the green side of the mat, and to make sure the corners and edges of both the mat and the board were covered. I was less concerned about the center, but everything got a good covering of adhesive. I let the glue dry for a little bit, and draped the mats over the boards, smoothing with a heavy cookbook.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry (I'm going to err on the side of caution and let them sit for a couple hours, I started premeasuring the furring strips. Four pieces at 24 inches, two at 49 1/2 . . . but since I didn't do math right, I had to adjust slightly. Oh well, nothing's perfect. And having one piece at 48 3/4 with a side piece of 24 3/4 isn't going to kill anyone.

One item of note: Next time, look for thinner material. That particleboard is friggin' heavy. Perhaps thinner, with a frame on the underside of those furring strips I'm using. Wood glue + screw nail that thing down . . . yeah, I'll have to remember that for next time.

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