11 September 2010

Never Forget

We are at war.

The war started in the mid 1950's as radical Islam began to fight against the West. On September 11, 2001, our enemies made us realize we were still at war.

Despite our current president steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the war, our enemies haven't forgotten. We must not forget.

Our enemy tries to trumpet its own superiority, while even the casual observer can see that the regions where radical Islam holds power are no better than third-world nations. A once-great culture now shackles its people, leaving them in poverty and misery, while railing against the nations which are now the beacon of civilization. Even if the rest of the world holds still for a century, the Islamic world couldn't catch up.

They hate us, not because of who we are, but because of what they've become. No amount of appeasement will satisfy them. They are not interested in reconciliation, nor in the honeyed words of our president. They will always find a reason to hate us, to fight us, because their culture is inferior to our own. They stone women to death. They cut the heads off infidels. They use innocents as both shields and targets. They preach only hate and death.

Never forget.

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