14 September 2010

The Terrain Project Part 2: Other Supplies

A quick list of other supplies I've purchased for this project:

2 packages of Blue Spruce trees (Woodland Scenics, 4 trees each) = $16
Pipe cleaners, florists wire, florists tape, lichen, washers, magnets (for homemade trees) = $11

One sheet 4'x8' pink polystyrene (1" thick) = $12
One 2'x4' sheet of 1/8" thick MDF for basing hills and trees = $3

One roll of "flagstone street" by Lemax (from Michaels, with a 50% off coupon) = $9
Hopefully with a little drybrush of grey this will work for paved village streets.

One can of "Diorama Paint" by Floquil = $6.
This is a multi-colored spray paint I plan on spraying on my felt roads to give them a unique look.

1/2 yard length each of blue and tan felt for rivers and roads = $5

I plan on explaining each choice as I reach that part of the project. Interested parties can also visit this thread at Reaper Miniatures where I'm cross-posting.

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