11 March 2009

The Best Miniature Company Got Better

The folks over at Reaper Miniatures are a fantastic group, and today the just got a little more fantastic.

Seems that the price of tin has been fluctuating a bit of late. Last year in May it was around $25k/ton. Naturally, all the mini manufacturers raised prices, as tin is the largest price component in most miniatures. Now, it looks like the price is relatively stable at around $12k/ton. And Reaper has decided to pass its savings on to us, their valuable customers!

Here's the announcement

So for all you businesses out there, here's a hint on how to keep customers: Take care of them. Yes, I'm talking to you, National Rental Car, as well as you, CitiBank (purveyors of mighty crappy sub-prime mortgages). And Pedigo Chevy, you jacked around with an interest rate on my wife's truck, so you should take this message home, too. 18% my ass.

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