04 March 2009

Why debt collectors are scum of the earth

Here is a story detailing debt collectors' practices when dealing with those who died while owing money.

This paragraph got my blood boiling.

The companies “want to protect their brand,” said DCM’s chief executive, Steven Farsht. Despite the delicacy of such collections, he says his 180-employee firm is providing a service to the economy. “The financial services industry is under a tremendous amount of pressure, and every dollar we collect improves their profitability,” he said.

No, it doesn't you lying sack of feces. You buy the debt from a company for pennies on the dollar and then try to collect from people who have no legal or moral obligation to pay it. Getting a widow who owns nothing to pay you $5 a month is SCUMBAGGERY at it's worst.

You're entire business model goes against anything decent and right. There's a reason why half of your new hires don't stay past 90 days. It's because they have a conscience. People who aren't scumbags don't like working for or with scumbags, and leave to find honest jobs.

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