09 March 2009

Rise of the Runelords - First session!

And a fun session it was, too.

Here are the players and their characters:

Maria: Coralynn, a weather-witch with a Varisian mother and an elven father.
Rachel: Grotinka, a barbarian who's idea of "parley" involves hitting her opponents repeatedly with her warhammer. Or punching goblins to death.
Paula: Nicodemus, a halfling trapper with his trusty crossbow.
Josh: Shade, a man who's been living off the people of Sandpoint . . . er . . . living with the people of Sandpoint for two years.

We played through the goblin attack on the town, up until the PCs were asked by the sheriff to watch the town as he heads to Magnimar to request additional troops to bolster the town's forces. Shalelu (pictured) has just been introduced, and will be updating the PCs on goblin activity next session.

Highlights of the session include Grotinka punching goblins to death and pinning a goblin underneath a burning wagon (critial strike with her warhammer on said wagon!), Shade being seduced by the town's good-time girl (and having her father interrupt them), Coralynn attracting the attentions of Lord Aldren Foxglove after she used her water-shaping powers to help save him, and Nicodemus wielding a wicked crossbow! Seriously, I think he might have tied Grotinka for the most kills.

This will be a fun game.

Other fun things: Three of the players forgot it was Daylight Savings Time and didn't spring their clocks forward. Rachel remembered, though. Josh, I never want to see you in your pajamas again . . . .

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