10 March 2009

Passwords and You

h/t to Bruce Schneier.

I am not posting this as a bash against our battle against Islamic thugs in Afghanistan. As far as you know, I'm neutral in the matter.

I am not posting this because I want to bash our military. I am a huge fan of our Armed Forces, the work they do, and the people who have chosen to stand in harm's way.

I am posting this as a reminder that poor passwords have consequences.

Here is the story from Wikileaks.

One would think that if one is working on a publicly accessible system, and one is working with documents that could be considered "Restricted" or higher in nature, one would choose a password slightly more complex than "progress." Yet that's exactly what someone at NATO did.

As one commenter on Bruce's sight says, not even the obligatory "1" after the word.

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