26 March 2009

The Worst Economy Ever! Until Next Year . . . .

So, I keep hearing how this is the worst economy since the Great Depression. Never mind that I've already posted charts disproving this claim. Never mind that several small businesspeople I know are having the best year of earnings ever. Never mind that my bride and I have managed to purchase a beautiful house just this week, the mortgage of which is well below a quarter of our take-home pay.

No, this must be the worst economy ever, because the media tell us, because the Democrats and P-BO tell them to say that. Journalists, being of the intellectually lazy sort, never bother to actually research these claims. It's so much easier to simply parrot what someone tell you.

Still, for all the claims that the economy will crash into a fiery hell if we don't spend trillions of dollars (that we don't even have), wait until P-BO's budget gets voted into law.
Notice that for all the hysterics about President Bush's deficit spending, P-BO's budget expands, increases, and eventually destroys the economy.

There is no way we can pay these bills that will be thrust upon our children and grandchildren.

The most insidious part is that all this money will be spent to develop a permanent dependent underclass, who will become serfs to the State.

But you voted for it, America. There of those of us who will refuse, and no doubt we'll be punished for it. But our responsibility to Liberty demands that we refuse, and we will fight back where we can.

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