31 March 2009

Earth Hour Fail.

Apparently, at some point on Saturday evening we were supposed to observe "Earth Hour." The idea was to sit in the dark, without electricity, and pretend we were living as cavemen once did. Or something like that. All because we "care for the Earth."

Now, it turns out that Al "I'll save the planet if I have to kill you to do it" Gore didn't exactly follow the rules for Earth Hour. He left some mighty-powerful spotlights on, illuminating . . . um . . . trees. Dude, seriously, WTF? If you wanna lecture me on how to conserve energy, don't throw a spotlight up on your ugly-ass trees. And there's pictures, in case you don't believe me.

Across the ocean in Austrailia, some people lit candles to save the earth from horrible greenhouse gas emissions caused by man.

Ah, so romantic. Just a man and his girl, alone in the dark, gazing into each other's eyes to see the reflected candlelight . . . or the lights of the store across the street.

Others brought their children out to celebrate mankind's destruction of the environment.

It brings a tear to my eye to see such little minds attempting to control littler minds.

Of course, the tree-hugging community might like to know that lighting up candles produces more greenhouse gas emissions than running lights for an hour.

But it's not really about saving the earth and reducing one's carbon footprint. It's about destroying the very mechanism that allows us to have things like indoor plumbing and sanitation, computers, and freedom. For a look at what the goal of the tree-huggers really is, let's take a look at a country that is perpetually celebrating "Earth Hour." North Korea:

In case you were wondering, here's some borders drawn in to help you visualize.

Now, understand that "Earth Hour" isn't about saving the Earth. It's about making a pointless gesture. It's about their desire for control. And their control always ends up in human suffering.

Just go to North Korea if you don't believe me. I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you how wonderfully happy they are. Mainly because if they don't, Kim Jong Il will have them killed.

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